A/B Box. Choose between two effect loops without losing the tails of delay, reverb and loopers.

  • - WIMA Capacitors
  • - 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • - Neutrik Jacks
  • - Handmade
  • - 9VDC or 9V Battery
  • - Current Draw: ~10mA
  • - Size: 119 x 94mm
  • - Two years transferable warranty



Connect two effect loops and choose which you want to hear. 

The Servus Dual Loop's most important characteristic is that it doesn't cut off the tails of effects like delays, reverbs and loopers when you switch between two loops. This makes the transition a lot more natural compared to traditonal A/B boxes. The Dual Loop is the perfect live show companion whenever you carry two sets of effects or for A/B comparison. And if you connect a looper to one of the effect loops a whole variety of creative posibilites opens up, giving you the opportunity to keep sounding your looper when changing the loops. 

The switching happens without any kind of noise nor "pop" thanks to the usage of hiqh quality components.  



Connection example scheme